OpenWrt on Hame MPR-A5

The Hame MPR-A5 is an awesome small WiFi router. Key points:
  • 360 MHz RT5350 Mips SoC
  • 4 MByte Flash
  • 16 MByte RAM
  • The router is available in various stores, e.g.


    Atheros SoC based routers are more energy efficient than the Ralink/Mediatek ones, but Ralink routers do have more interfaces, e.g. 2nd serial port. And there is a great varity of small and dirty cheap routers available.


    The RAM size is very tight, so Luci+Web doesn't fit into memory.


    The Hame MPR-A5 uses a fairly outdated U-Boot which seems to be a U-Boot fork years ago. I would like use a newer version, but U-Boot for Mips and especially Ralink don't use the same code base anymore.

    Serial connection

    I had problems on startup when the serial lines are connected. Some people reported, that a single 470 Ohm resistor in the TX path would solve the problem.
    I was searching for a more generic adapter and bought a ADUM1201 iCoupler chip:

    Now the startup problems are gone.

    Memory update

    I've updated the Hame MPR-A5 with a desoldered Samsung K4S561632C-TC 75i SDRAM from an old PC133 SO-DIMM.
    Any 256Mbit synchronous SDRAM organized as 4M x 16bit x 4 banks should be fine. Even 512Mbit (8Mx16x4) could be used but the RT5350 is only able to address 32MByte per CS line.

    Projects based on Hame MPR-A5

    SML SNMP Agent (description comming soon ..)
    WiFi Bridge (description comming soon ...)
    Rocrail Server (description comming soon ...)


    The Hame MPR-A5 seems to be phased out by Hame. The Hame MPR-A15 tend to be the successor - the differences are unclear (ordered one from DX - waiting for delivery)

    There is a router module from Allnet called ALL5003. It uses the same SoC (RT5350), but has 32Mbyte of RAM onboard. The 32MByte(!) SPI-Flash is more than enough storing all kind of data and programms.

    I'm courious about the next generation of Meditek: MT7620. It seems be the same as RT5350, but higher clocked (660MHz ?) and adress more RAM (64Mbyte ?). Hopefully there will be also some cheap routers based on this SoC.

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